Natrium’s Next Big Update Released on Android and iOS

20 Apr, 2019 • 2 min read

A little over a month ago we released Natrium 2.0 — a next-generation mobile wallet for NANO . This upgrade has now been fully rolled out to the Google Play Store, and some new features and improvements have been rolled out the the iOS App Store as well.

Natrium is a Next-Generation App for a Next-Generation Cryptocurrency

All new Natrium features are now available on Android
All new Natrium features are now available on Android

Natrium is a wallet built for NANO that is built using the fast, native cross-platform framework — Flutter. Natrium is fast and it’s full of features: Paper wallet / seed sweeping, push notifications, multiple accounts, contacts, numerous currency conversions and translations, and more.

Representatives & Decentralization

Decentralization is a key component to making NANO network stronger. Because of this, we started focusing on the things that can speed up this process and make it easier. Today we have the first result of our efforts: We are adding a pre-populated list of representatives that have a relatively small voting-weight — provided by My Nano Ninja. This makes choosing a quality representative incredibly easy — just tap “Pick From a List” button and pick a representative, no need to go search for a representative and copy paste the address. But if you want to do that, you still can with the “Manual Entry” button.

Easy to use Representative List
Easy to use Representative List

Nano Prefix

Existing Android users using Natrium are already familiar with this. Their address begins with nano_ instead of xrb_. For iOS users, we reverted to using xrb_ due to lack of support with some other services in the Nano ecosystem. However, with the news about the upcoming Nano V19 emitting nano_ prefixes — Natrium is now using nano_ everywhere. You can still send to either type of prefix, but throughout the app addresses will be represented with nano_. For some parts such as account history, it will still display with xrb_ until we upgrade our node to V19. After that, app-wide everything will be using the new prefix.

nano_ prefix
nano_ prefix

More Than a Wallet

As you may now, we have been focused strictly on creating a solid wallet for Nano that everyone would enjoy using everyday, from the most avid Nano enthusiast to someone that just met with Nano.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are rebranding. Instead of “Natrium Wallet”, the new preferred name is simply “Natrium”. We‘re working on other Nano-related products, many of which will be a vital part of the Natrium app. All these developments will be a part of the Natrium brand — interested in what we’re doing? Follow us on Twitter.

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