Meet Blaise — Simple, Sleek, & Secure Pascal Wallet now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store

20 Aug, 2019 • 4 min read

Blaise is a next-generation wallet for the PascalCoin cryptocurrency. PascalCoin is infinitely scalable, decentralized, and offers many advanced features. PascalCoin is capable of zero-fee, instant transactions, storing data on-chain, smart contracts, and more. Blaise is now available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store!

Blaise 1.0 is Now Available!

After a month of beta testing and new developments, Blaise is now available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store!

Blaise is a simple, sleek & secure Pascal wallet
Blaise is a simple, sleek & secure Pascal wallet

PascalCoin & Unique Challenges

PascalCoin is an infinitely scalable cryptocurrency with a lot of innovative features including zero-fee transactions, on-chain unique account names, a community-driven governance structure, and much more.

PascalCoin’s unique design comes with some unique challenges that many consider a barrier for adoption, including:

  1. Obtaining an Account— Accounts are “mined” and stored on-chain, they cannot simply be generated through a key derivation function like most other cryptocurrencies. This has numerous benefits including: simple, easy-to-remember account numbers instead of long, complex hex-strings, reducing the “squatting” on account names (as they are stored on-chain), and the ability to trade, sell them (e.g. for vanity purposes, or to sell a name). Unfortunately, the process of getting an account has been confusing and difficult for many users.
  2. PascalCoin had a lack of wallet options, particularly light wallets. The community wanted an intuitive wallet that would be incredibly quick to setup and use, while still supporting PascalCoin’s numerous and innovative features.

Meet Blaise

Blaise was developed for PascalCoin by Appditto as a part of PIP (PascalCoin Improvement Proposal) #35C. Solving these unique challenges were fundamental goals of the Blaise project — and we’ve succeeded. Blaise solves both of these challenges — it’s innovative, unique, and easy to use. The account process has never been easier.

With Blaise, you can easily manage all your operations
With Blaise, you can easily manage all your operations

Getting an Account, Made Simple

Blaise introduces an innovative “borrow an account” system. After just a couple of taps, you‘ll be given a “borrowed account.” Simply send some Pascal to it and the account will be permanently transferred to your public key. The only cost is a small 0.25 pascal fee (less than $0.04, equivalent), that will be deducted automatically from the funds you send. The account, once transferred, is yours permanently.

With Blaise, getting your first Pascal account is super easy.
With Blaise, getting your first Pascal account is super easy.

Send Pascal, However You Want

Sending Pascal is easier and faster than ever with Blaise. Converting to local currency, scanning a QR code, adding payloads, sending to an on-chain account name, a feature-rich address book. All of these options are bundled into a streamlined, innovative interface.

Blaise makes sending Pascal fast & easy with various options
Blaise makes sending Pascal fast & easy with various options

Blaise Speaks Multiple Languages

The entire interface, made to speak your language. Choosing your native language or preferred local currency couldn’t be any easier.

Blaise supports multiple languages
Blaise supports multiple languages

The Many Faces of Blaise

Blaise has multiple looks that have been meticulously crafted down to the finest details — including animations, illustrations, and even the app icon itself.

Blaise has meticulously crafted themes
Blaise has meticulously crafted themes

Receiving Pascal

Ding! Blaise will alert you when you receive Pascal to any of your accounts through a push notification. Tired of constantly checking your wallet to see if that exchange withdraw has finally been processed? With Blaise, there’s no guesswork and you’ll know exactly when funds hit your account.

Blaise notifies you when you receive Pascal
Blaise notifies you when you receive Pascal

The Technology Behind the Blaise Wallet

We developed Blaise Wallet using the latest in mobile application frameworks, Flutter. Flutter applications are developed using the Dart programming language.

There’s three primary components that drive the Blaise Wallet:

  1. PascalDart — A 100% dart PascalCoin library, it supports key generation, ecliptic curve cryptography — including ECDH signatures and ECIES encryption, a full JSON-RPC API for interacting with the PascalCoin node, and many other features that are critical to the operation of Blaise.
  2. Blaise Flutter Application — The user-facing application. It includes everything the users see and interact with, it also is responsible for critical functions such as secure key storage. The business logic lives here.
  3. Blaise Server — The server that powers Blaise. It is written in Python — using asyncio and AIOHTTP for incredibly high performance and high concurrency. It powers the major “borrow account” feature, it provides a web-socket service so it can push price updates and new transactions to users, it is responsible for sending push notifications using Firebase Cloud Messaging, it also enhances server security by restricting access to the PascalCoin node.

All of these are open source and released under the permissive MIT License.

Get Blaise!

Blaise is completely free and compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

Get it for Android on the Google Play Store!

Get it for iOS on the App Store!

Visit the Blaise Website!

Users who do not have the Google Play Store available in their region or on their device can get the latest releases from GitHub.

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